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About Debs 

Allow me to introduce myself my name is Debs and I’m passionate about caring for my clients with a gentle  holistic approach. 

I have been in the beauty and holistic profession for over 25 years and continue my learning by attending many training and workshops each year, allowing me to pass on my caring treatments for you to all my clients. 

I offer massage and reflexology therapies at my clinics In the West Midlands and Staffordshire area. 

Thankyou for popping by to my website and have a little look around in menu bar to see the therapies available to book. 

Treatment Menu 

Reflexology & Massage Therapies 

DCZ Face Reflexology ......... £25

Dien Chan Zone Face reflexology works in zones on your face using amprotocol relaxing and detoxification routine,sure to out you instantly into a state of relaxation.

Foot Reflexology ..........£25

Rebalancing  the mind body and soul with a reflexology session, application of pressure massage to reflex points & therapeutic massage. 

Foot Reflexology with Salt soak and exfoliation £30

Thai Foot Reflex Massage ..........£25

Massage of  feet and lower legs both invigorating and deeply relaxing using foot sticks to stimulate reflex points & a therapeutic massage. 

Hand Reflexology ..........£25

Hand Reflexology massage covering and stimulating reflex points to give a healing and balancing effect, hand reflexology is a great alternative to clients that have ticklish feet, as like feet and face reflexology we also have reflex zones on our hands.

Head Massage ............£25

Do you have a busy mind and find it hard to switch off and relax, are you are sufferer if Tension headaches then a head massage could be just the therapy for you. 

Me Time Monday’s 

Take that escape from the fast pace of life at the cabin on a Monday whilst lying on a pre warmed couch drift away to relaxing music enjoying your therapies allowing you to  recharge with DCZ face reflexology including a  head neck & shoulder massage. 

Mother’s Day Pamper  

Pic & mix package allows you up bespoke your pamper just for you. We have gift vouchers available at our cabin located at The Plant Plot Garden village, Lichfield. 

Hot Stone Massage Package 

Take that time out you deserve enjoy the heat from the basalt stones to ease those aching muscles and give your immune a boost